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Our multi-asset funds offer a variety of risk and return profiles, giving our clients the benefits of a broad diversification of assets through one single investment.

View the full list of Funds at the FUND CENTRE.

The way we manage multi-asset funds

We offer funds for different investment goals and different investor profiles. We apply strict controls and make regular adjustments to make sure our funds remain on track with their long-term objectives.

Matching your investment profile

Your investment profile depends on several things:

  • Your investment objective – what you want to do with the money: fund your retirement, pay for your children’s education, or buy a house?
  • Your investment horizon – how long you have before you need the money: are you planning on retiring in five years or thirty?
  • Your risk appetite – how much can the value of your portfolio go down before you start losing sleep over it?

Your profile will change over time, and you should review it with your adviser on a regular basis.

Remember that no investment is without risk

The value of investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. For investors holding overseas investments, the rate of currency exchange can also cause the value of these investments to go up or down.

Our strengths in managing multi-asset funds

  • We use the expertise of a wide range of specialists across the world, ensuring we manage our multi-asset funds in a robust and comprehensive way
  • We offer a range of funds to match a diversity of investment profiles and goals

Getting started

  • For information on how to invest, please visit any one of our branches, contact us or speak to your adviser
  • For HSBC fund information and performance, go to the fund centre