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Lower Carbon Funds

Climate change is the number one long term investment risk and investors are taking action to reduce climate risk in their portfolios. Our Lower Carbon product range is designed to capture the shift to the lower-carbon economy without sacrificing market performance opportunities.

View our Lower Carbon funds.

Global Lower Carbon Bond strategy

  • Invests in the main fixed income markets to capture investment opportunities globally
  • Reduces the most carbon-intensive holdings to mitigate the financial impacts of climate change that could arise unexpectedly
  • Leverages aggregated data and proprietary research to create an investible universe of lower carbon issues by sectors
  • Portfolio manager further screens individual issuer carbon impact against benchmark for inclusion

Global Lower Carbon Equity strategy

  • Invests primarily in lower carbon equities issued by companies in developed markets
  • Investment objective is to outperform the benchmark while maintaining a lower carbon footprint
  • Portfolio stock selection and sizing is driven with consideration of company carbon intensity data

HSBC strengths

  • At HSBC Asset Management, responsible investing is fully integrated into our investment culture and processes
  • We have a dedicated and experienced ESG leadership team, many of whom hold key positions on industry associations and boards
  • We were an early signatory of the Montreal Carbon Pledge (2015) and we maintain active support on numerous industry and sustainability initiatives